New Mexico Water Service Company
Sandia Knolls: Important Conservation Notice and Precautionary Do-Not-Drink Advisory

As we were re-drilling the new well, we experienced some foaming while flushing the aquifer through our backup well. We believe this was caused by a residual amount of the surfactants used last month that settled to the bottom of the well being constructed and were stirred up during today's drilling. We immediately checked the well that currently supplies water to our customers, and there was no visible presence of surfactants or turbidity; the water looked clear. No drilling products have been used since we resumed drilling of the well.

As a precaution, we shut down both wells and began purging the water in the wells, during which time we experienced some foaming from the main well. Please note that although we discovered the issue at the source, we do not believe it entered the distribution system. We have checked the distribution system, are continuing to flush the wells, and will begin testing water quality samples tomorrow to confirm that water quality was not impacted.

With both wells temporarily out of service, we ask that our customers conserve water as much as possible, as we are currently relying on water in our storage tanks. Please minimize all indoor water use and eliminate any non-essential use until further notice.

We expect to complete construction on the well over the next several days; however, we may need to resume use of one well prior to completion or if water in the storage tanks is depleted before water quality test results are received. Because of this, we are also issuing a precautionary do-not-drink advisory for our Sandia Knolls customers.

See the complete notice for full details.

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