How do I read my bill?

Here are detailed instructions on how to read your bill. If you have any questions, please contact your local Customer Center at the number shown on your bill.
Sample bill

  1. Billing date — Date your bill was printed.
  2. Account number — Your 10-digit account number. You will keep this number if you move within our service areas. If you receive more than one bill, you will have more than one account number.
  3. Contact information — Your local Customer Center.
  4. Message — This is where messages will appear.
  5. Current Charges (Water) — Amount due from current billing period.
  6. Current Charges (Sewer) — Amount due from current billing period (if applicable).
  7. Subtotal — Subtotal of current charges
  8. Prior Balance or Payment Received — The amount due from your last bill, or the payments that we have applied to your account since your last bill.
  9. Total Amount Due — The amount that you owe, including unpaid previous balances.
  10. Past Due Amount — Unpaid balance from prior billing periods, due now.
  11. Current Charges — Total of current charges and due date.
  12. Cust ID — Your former account number (if you had service prior to July 1, 2011).
  13. Service Address — Address receiving service.
  14. Service from dates – The beginning and end of the billing period.
  15. Service charge — Monthly charge based size/type of service.
  16. Quantity charge — Measured in thousand (K) gallons.
  17. RFC charge/surcredit — Return Flow Charge (where applicable) is charged to water customers and credited to sewer customers to offset Return Flow Credits generated by the sewer division.
  18. Tax — Tax we collect for state and county governments.
  19. Water Conservation Fee — As applicable.
  20. PRC Fee — Public Regulation Commission fee.
  21. Subtotal for service (water or sewer).
  22. Usage history — Up to 13 months of water consumption history.
  23. Meter and reading information.
  24. Sewer — Current charges for sewer (if applicable).
  25. Sewer quantity charge — Based on average water consumption billed in January, February, and March (recalculated annually).
  26. Return this portion with your payment.
  27. Amount due.