How can I save water in the Fall?

As the temperature begins to cool down, days are shorter and time falls back. Homeowners can take a break before preparing for the cold winter months that lay ahead.

  • Gutter cleaning: Clean gutters and downspouts before winter season begins. Gutter cleaning can prevent water drainage problems, ice dams, and roof damage.
  • Sweeping: Sweep driveways, sidewalks, and steps instead of water them down.
  • Insulating: Start insulating meter boxes/cans and exposed pipes.
  • Inspection: Walk around your property to look for spongy or mushy ground where broken pipes might be hidden. If these leaks are not found now and it continues through winter, this will affect your bill.
  • Watering schedule: During September and October, water twice per week and in November, once per week. Water early morning or late afternoon to prevent evaporation.
  • Winter quarter begins (sewer customers only): Reduce water usage from the end of December through the end of March to reduce your monthly sewer rate throughout the year.
  • Trimming: Trim bushes, trees, and shrubs around meter boxes/cans. There should be easy access to all meters for accurate reads.
  • Meter read schedule: Check your bill for the next date the meter is to be read.