New Mexico Water Recommends All Water Users Learn About Local Water Supply

New Mexico Water encourages its customers to visit the Water Quality Reports page and view their Consumer Confidence Report, also called the CCR or water quality report, which provides information about the state of the local water supply. Customers can now review and learn about their system’s water quality in 2019, as well as obtain CCRs from prior years.

Customers can view and download their system’s CCR on this page; customers who do not have internet access may request a copy by contacting their local New Mexico Water Customer Center.

"As a water utility committed to providing quality, service, and value to our customers, we want them to be informed about the drinking water they receive from us, because the more they know, the more confidence they can have in it," said Director of Water Quality Sophie James. "We think our customers will be pleased to know the lengths New Mexico Water goes to in order to provide them with a safe, high-quality, reliable water supply around the clock, so they don’t need to worry about their tap water."