Customers Encouraged to Review Consumer Confidence Reports

New Mexico Water has published its 2018 water quality reports for customers to learn about their local water supply. The annual report, also known as a Consumer Confidence Report or CCR, for each system is available on the Water Quality Reports page.

The reports can be viewed and downloaded from this page. Customers who do not have internet access may request a copy by calling (505) 864-2218 or visiting one of New Mexico Water’s Customer Centers at either 401 Horner Street, Rio Communities, NM 87002 or 608 Butte Boulevard, Elephant Butte, NM 87935.

“Providing our customers a safe, reliable, and high-quality water supply is our top priority, and we are proud to announce that we met all primary and secondary state and federal water quality standards for all of our systems last year,” said General Manager Jeremiah Mecham. “We encourage our customers to take a look at their 2018 CCRs to get a better understanding of how their water is treated and tested, and how New Mexico Water is working to make good things happen for our local customers.”